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India To Be The Top Exporter Of The Grain Again

The just-ended crop year (July 2017-June 2018) has seen India set a record production in rice, corn (maize), wheat and pulses like urad (black mat-pea), gram (chana). However, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) doesn’t see a record wheat production this crop year.

According to Frontline magazine datacard, the USDA has pegged India’s wheat production at 95 million tonnes (MT) compared with the Ministry of Agriculture’s estimate of 98.61 MT. Last year, wheat production was 98.5 MT.

India hence continues to be the largest rice exporter, a position it has held since 2014. For the marketing year ending September, nearly 13 MT could be shipped from the country. Bangladesh, Iran and Senegal besides the West Asian and North African markets are the primary buyers of Indian rice. India exports to these countries as it is able to provide them with par-boiled rice (the paddy is cooked, dried and then milled) with Thailand being the only other nation where this variety of rice is produced. The Indian export edge is derived from the freight advantage it holds.